Should you be unwilling or incapable of return to your own country out of fear of persecution, you’d qualify for potential refugee claims in Canada.  Taking into account the many reasons that people flee their own country and immigrate to Canada, potential refugee claims are made so people aren’t forced back to an adverse situation in their own country.  These are truly heartbreaking times for people that have come to Canada on a temporary visa or residency; finding out that you cannot return to your homeland our of specific fears separates families, changes lives and potentially puts people back home in danger.  Refugee claims in Canada can be made under circumstances that cannot be helped by preventative actions of your own; below are some basic guidelines to keep in mind when weighing the possibility of Canadian immigration under the refugee claims process: London immigration lawyers

  • Ultimate final decisions as to whether your case falls under refugee claims laws is at the sole discretion of the IRB (Immigration and Refugee Board) of Canada.  Restrictions will apply to various situations with every piece of mitigating evidence considered at the time of the application.
  • Canadian immigration for potential refugees does not apply if you were asked to leave Canada for legal reasons.  FMA Immigration can assist you with other options if you have been denied refugee due to dismissal from country.
  • People who may have vacated a previous application or have been denied before may not be eligible for Canadian immigration for refugees.  Other reasons why any refugee claims applications could be immediately denied can be obtained by contactingFMA Immigrationimmediately.
  • Convention refugees are considered for refugee claims as they may be barred from home country due to race, creed, religion, or other personal racism.  If you are in danger of physical torture, or imminent threats on your life are made, refugee claims under ‘convention’ classification can be made.  FMA Immigration consultants have in-depth information to get your application processed quickly.

No matter how adverse your situation is, refugee claims are nothing to joke about.  Canadian immigration for refugees in immediate threat of life-threatening conditions is possible and, with the right guidance, can change your life for the better on a permanent scale.  Contact us immediately if refugee claims can be made by you and your family.


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